Team Number Team Name Affiliate Name
183-30899CISCayman Islands
Team Challenge Location
Fri 8:00 am Alumni: Room 210
Instant Challenge Location
Fri 5:00 pmHumanities
The Humanities building is on Volunteer Boulevard about 2 blocks north of the Thompson-Bowling Arena.
Report to the Instant Challenge Outside Holding area at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled competition time.
The team or Team Manager may not bring any devices, including but not limited to cameras, cell phones, iPads and tablets, computers, or timing devices, including wristwatches, into the Instant Challenge building. The team can ask the Appraisers for the time remaining at any point during the Instant Challenge. If such devices are brought to the Instant Challenge building site, teams should leave them with a person accompanying the team prior to entering the Instant Challenge building. Teams will also have the option of checking these items at the Information Booth located near Instant Challenge registration.
Challenge Locations